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Real-world data

Enabling the development of high-quality evidence to transform research and care
NeuroBlu Analytics is a data analytics software built by Holmusk that is powered by the world’s leading source for real-world data on behavioral health conditions, symptoms, and treatments. With NeuroBlu Analytics, find the answers to address challenging behavioral health questions—faster and easier than ever before.

Powering analysis with unprecedented granularity

NeuroBlu Data is the largest source of NLP-enriched, de-identified real-world data dedicated to behavioral and mental health.

Leading source for behavioral health real-world data




geographically-diverse health systems


years of longitudinal data

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Follow patients over time with over 20 years of data spanning inpatient and outpatient sites, including hospitals, emergency rooms, and community psychiatry clinics.

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Add valuable context to your research with data that have been enriched and transformed into research-ready variables using Holmusk's first-in-kind natural language processing models developed specifically for behavioral health.

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Track patient functioning and outcomes over time and make comparisons across different groups of patients with standardized quantitative outcome measures.

Behavioral health conditions

  • Major depressive disorder

8.7M+ patients

  • Generalized anxiety disorder

3.6M+ patients

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

3.1M+ patients

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

1.3M+ patients

  • Schizophrenia

386K+ patients

  • Bipolar I disorder

371K+ patients

  • Schizoaffective disorder

302K+ patients

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

290K+ patients

  • Bipolar II disorder

258K+ patients

  • Borderline personality disorder

155K+ patients

    Behavioral health assessments

    • Brief Bipolar Disorder Symptom Scale (BDSS)
    • Brief Negative Symptom Assessment (BNSA)
    • Clinical Global Impressions (CGI-I/CGI-S)
    • Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)
    • Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF)
    • Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)
    • Positive Symptom Rating Scale (PSRS)
    • The Daily Living Activities–20 (DLA-20)

    • The Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology (QIDS)

    and more

    Pharmacological treatments

    • Antidepressants

    • Antipsychotics

    • Anxiolytics

    • Hypnotics and sedatives

    • Mood stabilizers
    • Psycholeptics
    • Psychostimulants

    and more

    In addition, NeuroBlu Data is enriched through natural language processing techniques that extract important clinical context from free text within the EHR—making more data available for research than ever before. These data include:


    Gain a comprehensive picture of patients' emotions, cognition, and behaviors with data on symptoms that are often not captured in the EHR, such as anhedonia for patients with major depressive disorder.

      Social determinants of health

      Better understand how social, relational, and occupational factors may impact behavioral health.

        Side effects

        Take a look into drug safety with information on clinician-observed side effects.

          OUR Work

          Unlocking new insights

          NeuroBlu Data has been leveraged by a wide range of stakeholders to generate publication-ready evidence around behavioral health conditions. Published projects include collaborations with:

          Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

          Analyzed healthcare resource utilization rates for patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; work was published in Current Medical Research and Opinion

          Read More


          Created, trained, and tested a predictive model to better understand indicators of increased hospitalization risk for patients with major depressive disorder; work was presented at ISPOR Europe

          Read More

          JPS Health Network

          Explored factors that impact attrition from treatment in patients with opioid use disorder; work was published inNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment

          Read More

          NeuroBlu Solutions

          NeuroBlu platform seamlessly connects our behavioral health data and analytics capabilities with our behavioral health expertise to bring specialized solutions to customers across the healthcare ecosystem.


          Best-in-class data,
          delivered how you choose

          We understand that behavioral health challenges vary widely, and that different challenges require solutions designed to meet them.

          Access NeuroBlu Data with one of three solutions:

          Independently explore the data and build your own projects from the ground up.
          Access insights in just a few clicks with our user-friendly data analytics software, complete with no-code analytics capabilities and pre-designed study templates so you get the answers you need faster.
          Collaborate with our team of clinical and data science experts to create and conduct an end-to-end study tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.
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          Build your own environment supported by NeuroBlu Data
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          ‍Quickly and easily derive insights
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          Co-build a completely customizable study
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          Reimagining Behavioral Health supporting graphic
          Reimagining Behavioral Health supporting graphic

          Leverage user-friendly tools within the NeuroBlu data analytics platform to easily explore and analyze data and draw new insights to address your toughest behavioral health challenges.

          Learn More

          Reimagining Behavioral Health supporting graphic

          NeuroBlu Health is a behavioral health care management and analytics solution that leverages NeuroBlu’s robust database to provide clinicians with valuable data-driven recommendations, assisting clinicians in making patient-specific care decisions in behavioral health.

          NeuroBlu Health is equipped with user-friendly tools that streamline care management processes, freeing up clinicians to devote their time and resources to patients.

          Learn More

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          More solutions coming soon.

          the urgent need

          Behavioral health disorders are a defining problem of our generation.

          Behavioral health is a fundamental and persistently overlooked aspect of overall health. Mental and substance use disorders impact a staggering 970 million people worldwide, with over US $1 trillion in global economic burden each year. Despite the skyrocketing crisis, progress has lagged behind other disease areas. Less than half of those living with major depression, the most widespread mental illness, reach remission on currently available treatments. Recent rising awareness has driven demand in a system unequipped to support the depth and breadth of need.

          There is a debilitating evidence gap that inhibits research and innovation, stemming from inherent limitations in behavioral health: complex disease etiologies, lack of quantifiable biomarkers, and institutional silos. Despite decades of research, we still do not know how to alleviate most behavioral health disorders.

          We need new solutions, and we need them now.


          Accelerating treatments,
          improving outcomes

          NeuroBlu solutions have been leveraged by a variety of stakeholders who share our vision that better evidence can improve behavioral health.

          R&D for Drug Development

          • Optimize trial design by leveraging data on symptoms and outcomes (e.g. CGI-S) to identify patients in the real world who meet study criteria
          • Validate design assumptions by tracking real-world outcomes of patient cohorts

          • Identify additional diagnoses as potential new targets for existing drugs

          Medical Affairs

          • Characterize disease burden of specific sub-cohorts of behavioral health patients
          • Generate evidence to illustrate existing gaps in treatment and how new drugs of interest help bridge these gaps
          • Identify patients best suited for newly approved or launched drugs

          Market Access and HEOR

          • Obtain advanced characterization of factors that may inhibit success, such as predictors of poor outcomes, lack of tolerability, adherence to treatment, etc.
          • Better understand optimal positioning of new products or lifecycle management of existing products to inform communication to payers and health care providers
          • Identify patient segments that are eligible for new drugs and use real-world outcomes to inform formulary decision-making

          Payors and VBC

          • Monitor behavioral health utilization with NeuroBlu Analytics to optimize management strategies and understand patient journeys
          • Track and analyze patient outcomes over time and assess the effectiveness of different treatments and interventions
          • Identify high-risk patients with NeuroBlu Analytics' predictive insights for early interventions

          Code Templates

          Analytics Tools

          Research-Grade EHR

          Reimagining Behavioral Health supporting graphic

          Reimagining Behavioral Health

          NeuroBlu is a data and analytics platform that enables uniquely powerful evidence generation. With the most robust behavioral health database of its kind and seamless AI-powered analytic tools, NeuroBlu gives researchers, life sciences companies, clinicians, and other industry partners the ability to generate insights like never before.

          More than just an analytics platform, NeuroBlu enables discovery to improve lives.

          Behavioral health transformation starts here.


          Robust analysis,
          faster answers

          NeuroBlu Analytics, our user-friendly data analytics software, guides users through the analysis of complex data, delivering useful insights in just a few clicks and supporting teams in making data-driven decisions.


          Delve into unique NeuroBlu Data with an easy-to-use, browser-based interface designed for fast and scalable queries.


          Build upon readily available templates to kickstart investigation of research questions, and conduct analysis via no-code tools or an integrated R and Python interface.


          Generate insights that will inform your most pressing behavioral health challenges and accelerate your organization’s decision making.


          Collaborate seamlessly by sharing projects and insights, enabling your teammates to jump in where you left off.

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          Uncovering Real-World
          Insights with NLP

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          Over 300 psychiatry-specific labels

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          NLP model trained on notes from over 11,000 clinicians and 6 million data points

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          Disease severity score for most encounters

          Our novel Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm transforms rich clinician notes into structured data that predicts disease severity.

          Clinician notes are valuable troves of information on patient experience, treatment response, and outcomes that are not captured in other EHR or claims data sources. Analyzing unstructured notes is typically arduous and time-consuming.

          Our proprietary NLP model unlocks insights from clinician notes, allowing for large-scale analysis and disease modeling. We have over 300 psychiatry-specific structured labels on granular symptoms, side effects, external stressors, and more. These labels can also be used to predict disease severity based on CGI-S scores, opening up a new frontier for scalable analysis of patient experiences through clinician notes.

          Going beyond standard context-aware keyword search NLP approaches, our proprietary NLP models are designed specifically to handle the complexity of psychiatric care, which lacks standardized terminology and relies heavily on subjective assessments and verbose descriptions. Our NLP approach leverages the latest innovation in machine learning and language modeling to interpret full sentences using an attention based deep learning, producing granular structured data labels.

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          Over 300 psychiatry-specific labels

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          NLP model trained on notes from over 11,000 clinicians and 6 million data points

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          Disease severity score for every encounter


          Accelerate Evidence Generation with Fast, Scalable Studies

          Designed by a team of scientists, clinicians, and industry experts, NeuroBlu's robust tools drive Real-World Evidence generation with unparalleled ease.

          NeuroBlu's custom-built architecture brings the power of high-performance computing and innovation to real-world studies. User-friendly tools streamline typically laborious and error-prone analysis steps, enabling users to get to insights without having to spend hours cleaning data and troubleshooting code. Built-in custom libraries let you use the data with ease - no need to spend hours navigating a complex data model, because our data scientists did it for you.

          Data Explorer showcasing multiple number of data tables available,

          View data and get high-level summaries of the dataset, including a set of visualizations describing the population characteristics

          Cohort Builder interface with updated statistics based on the user's cohort selection.

          Intuitive graphical interface allowing you to build your study cohort using a few clicks, and view cohort characteristics with charts updated in real-time

          Category Mapper that shows antidepressant drugs selected.

          Simple and streamlined tool to build groupings of values (e.g., diagnosis codes or drug type) to create custom categories for use across multiple projects in a simple and less error-prone way

          R Code interface that showcases the code panel with different types of files such as 'R', CSV, Image.

          Perform custom analytics in R with your own code or from our built-in library of code templates for popular studies




          Perform powerful analyses using Holmusk's proprietary advanced analytics packages, created by our data scientists to provide easy access to frequently used analytics methods such as survival analysis and comparative effectiveness studies

          Project Notes

          Seamlessly annotate, replicate, and compare results across your research studies with our integrated Project Notes feature, allowing users to write and store research notes

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          I have people in my family with certain conditions, and with this collaboration we can perhaps change the way behavioral health is treated in the long-term.

          Jane Doe

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          I have people in my family with certain conditions, and with this collaboration we can perhaps change the way behavioral health is treated in the long-term.

          Jane Doe

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          I have people in my family with certain conditions, and with this collaboration we can perhaps change the way behavioral health is treated in the long-term.

          Jane Doe

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          We're Here to Help

          We know data is only as useful as its impact. Our team has spent years building expertise in the intricacies of behavioral health data, and we will work collaboratively with you to help generate evidence that matters.

          Training and Reference Tools

          Rapid onboarding and training with dedicated customer support plus in-depth tutorials and FAQs.

          Customer Success

          Dedicated support to help you extract the most value from your NeuroBlu license.

          Advanced Analytics Services

          Tap into our data science and machine learning expertise for custom analytics.

          Curious? Check it out for yourself.

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          Over 300 psychiatry-specific labels

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          NLP model trained on notes from over 11,000 clinicians and 6 million data points

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          Disease severity score for every encounter

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