Generate impactful outcomes with real-world evidence

Drive game-changing innovation among industry, academic, institutional, and regulatory leaders across the health and life science sectors.

Life sciences

Use real-world evidence to bring treatments to market faster, improve the probability of R&D success, and enhance the differentiation of commercial products.

Accelerate R&D and clinical development

  • Leverage NLP-derived deep phenotypic patient-level data to create subsegments of patients and better identify those with unmet needs who are most suitable for clinical trials.
  • Use longitudinal, patient-level real-world data and advanced analytics methods to identify which symptoms can be attributed to the underlying disease versus which are associated with the effects of external stressors, and learn more about how these factors impact response to treatment.
  • Supplement conventional clinical trial analysis methods with data-driven insights to inform R&D strategy, as well as clinical development, protocol optimization, and patient recruitment.

Boost market access strategy

  • Evaluate comparative outcomes and measure drug effectiveness in real-world settings. Identify unmet needs where novel therapeutics may be able to most improve patient outcomes.
  • Develop patient-centric endpoints and outcome measures that can elucidate differential responses to drugs and novel therapeutics.
  • Accelerate regulatory approvals and pricing model strategy.


Leverage next-generation predictive analytics to improve health outcomes and value of care.

Improve quality, cost, and outcomes

  • Inform program design, risk prediction, and quality measurement with unique analytic approaches. These proprietary methods enhance population-level risk and patient targeting, for better management of cost of care and outcomes.

Government and regulators

Advance regulatory decision-making and inform health system innovation with real-world data.

Health system research and innovation

  • Conduct innovative research using real-world data and obtain insights to guide policy designs and regulatory decisions.


Enable groundbreaking research and answer novel questions in pre-clinical research, diagnostics, health economics, and health services research.

Research partnerships with innovative techniques

  • Conduct and publish research projects in behavioral health and analytic methods.

Accelerate evidence generation with fast, scalable studies

Designed by a team of data scientists, clinicians, and industry experts, NeuroBlu Analytics' robust tools drive real-world evidence generation with unparalleled ease.

NeuroBlu Analytics' custom-built architecture brings the power of high-performance computing and innovation to real-world studies. User-friendly tools streamline typically laborious and error-prone steps in analysis, enabling users to get to insights without having to spend hours cleaning data and troubleshooting code. Built-in custom libraries let you use the data with ease - no need to spend hours navigating a complex data model, because our data scientists did it for you.

Data Explorer showcasing multiple number of data tables available,

View data and get high-level summaries of the dataset, with dynamic and interactive visualizations describing the population characteristics.

Build study cohort in a few clicks using an intuitive graphical interface, and view cohort characteristics with charts updated in real time.

Category Mapper that shows antidepressant drugs selected.

Create custom categories for use across multiple projects by leveraging this streamlined tool to build groupings of values (e.g., diagnosis codes or drug type).

R Code interface that showcases the code panel with different types of files such as 'R', CSV, Image.

Perform custom analytics in R or Python with your own code or from our built-in library of code templates for popular studies.


NeuroBlu Analytics Packages

Perform powerful analyses using Holmusk's proprietary advanced analytics packages, created by our data scientists to provide easy access to frequently used analytics methods.

Guided tutorials

Fast track your research with step-by-step tutorials that merge templates and tutorials to walk you through common researches.

Code versioning

Retrieve older versions of your codes easily to quickly view, duplicate and make edits.

Project notes

Seamlessly annotate, replicate, and compare results across your research studies with the integrated Project Notes feature, allowing you to write and store research notes.


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