Fact Sheet: NeuroBlu V3.7

January 17, 2024
Download the latest Fact Sheet for a deep dive into the NeuroBlu Database (V3.7)

There is a debilitating lack of evidence and progress in mental and behavioral health. Heterogeneity in disease presentation, in addition to a lack of consensus about how to define patient improvement and which tools to use to measure improvement, has resulted in a lack of standardization unseen in other areas of health.

To address this challenge, we have created NeuroBlu, a best-in-class analytics tool to generate clinical insights from the most robust real-world database for behavioral health. With over 30 million patients, the NeuroBlu Database is the largest, built-for-purpose source of real-world data designed to accelerate behavioral health research.

This Fact Sheet provides a comprehensive overview of the NeuroBlu Database (V3.7) , including NeuroBlu NLP, our novel Natural Language Processing technology, and a deep dive into characteristics of our latest data expansion, including geographic representativeness, site diversity, and outcome measure density.


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