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Video Series : Power up your research with 1M+ patient lives data and project sharing

October 17, 2022

Holmusk released NeuroBlu V2.7.0 on September 15, 2022. With the most recent update, NeuroBlu now has data from more than a million patients, a significant milestone. Project sharing is another key feature that enables users to communicate with their teammates about the project work and insights they have developed. In this on-demand video, Holmusk product team-members discuss -

The NeuroDB 22R3 with:

  • 1M+ patient lives data with new centers and expanded patients across all disorder groups.
  • Inclusion of non CNS (central nervous system) drugs for analysis.
  • New physical measures for select patients including height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure.

Project Sharing which enables:

  • Sharing of projects as “read only” with other users in the organization.
  • Importing of templates and shared projects from code studio project list and have the latest edits always reflected as users enhance their research.

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