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NeuroBlu gets a boost with a new data partner and clinical features with Database update

December 21, 2022

We have got some exciting news to share - the NeuroBlu Database has just released a new update, 22R5!

New Data Partner

First, we are thrilled to welcome UTHealth Behavioral Services as a new data partner. UTHealth has contributed thousands of new patients from May, 2021 to October, 2022. In future releases, we will also be including historical records from UTHealth, as well as observations and psych measures.

New Clinical Features

In addition to the inclusion of new data from UTHealth, we have also added new clinical features to enhance analysis and better understand diagnoses through mental status examination (MSE) across partners and symptoms. The inclusion of symptoms and standardized MSE can provide valuable insights into a patient's mental health and can be used to identify diagnoses patterns and treatment plans.

Improved Cohort Builder

Along with enhancements to our data, we have improved Cohort Builder:

  • Observation Period - You can now use a slider to define the number of days between each event when building cohorts in Cohort Builder. This feature is particularly useful for looking at progression over time, such as symptoms or behavior.

  • GAF (Global Assessment of Functioning) Scale - We have added the GAF score as a measurement for building cohorts in Cohort Builder. This assessment was used extensively in our historical datasets and provides a 100-point single item scale, with scores decreasing as impairment increases.

  • Visits: When building cohorts, you can now specify the minimum number of visits that each patient in the cohort must have within a specified duration of time.

We are changing the way observations are understood in behavioral health with rich symptoms and mental status examinations.

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