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NeuroBlu v3.9.0: Enhanced precision, speed, and accessibility

April 2, 2024

NeuroBlu v3.9.0 introduces targeted enhancements to refine and expand the capabilities of mental health research. With a focus on precision, speed, and accessibility, this update enriches the platform’s utility for our diverse user base, from clinical researchers to data scientists.

Enhanced Data Precision

This update brings heightened precision in drug data analysis, offering clear insights into treatment patterns and patient journeys. Enhanced with the ability to distinguish between brand and generic drug selections, Cohort Explorer now offers more granular analysis for clinical drug research, complemented by improved speed. The Cohort Summary tab now displays the top 10 drugs by brand or generic name. Users can now quickly identify the most prevalent medications in their cohorts as well as compare outcomes between ingredients and brand or generic prescriptions. Additionally, the Treatment Journey feature has been updated to allow users to specify whether to view drugs by ingredient or by brand/generic name, providing a more comprehensive view of patient medication histories.

Easily select patients with prescribed branded drugs or generic for your comparative effectiveness studies and more.

Accelerated Data Exploration

With backend improvements and new analytical tools, researchers can expect faster query responses and streamlined data exploration. Upgraded product analytics for deeper insights into usage patterns, alongside significant bug fixes, particularly within the R packages framework, ensure a smoother user experience.

Expanded Data Fidelity for Branded Products with Architecture changes: v3.9.0 features a comprehensive overhaul of the drug_exposure logic and extensive updates across the Common Data Model (CDM) schema to map to Clinical Drug. These changes enhance data fidelity, enabling researchers to conduct nuanced drug research with confidence along with lookup tables to ensure backward compatibility.

Richer Analytical Capabilities

New templates and packages enrich the platform's analytical capabilities, facilitating sophisticated research methodologies. The introduction of new R and Python templates for NLP use cases, along with two new R packages (fda.usc and refund), empowers users with advanced analytical tools and streamlined code development. The Code Studio "imports" panel now shows all importable projects and packages, highlighting those currently used in the project, and better controls have been added for the code editor and console panel.

Looking Ahead

NeuroBlu remains committed to continuous improvement, with upcoming releases focused on further expanding data depth, enhancing user experience, and supporting cutting-edge mental health research. We encourage our user community to explore the new features introduced in v3.9.0 and share feedback, which is invaluable for guiding future enhancements.

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