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NeuroBlu v3.2: 14k+ new patients, faster queries, and clinical trials data

June 21, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of NeuroBlu v3.2, featuring the latest 23R3 database updates and the integration of clinical trials data.

What’s New:

23R3 Database:

  • Addition of 14k+ patients across all disorders groups - refreshed patient data from all data partners up to May 2023.
  • Migration to a database management system best suited to support the types analyses NeuroBlu performs, resulting in faster queries.

New feature - Clinical Trials:

  • Test and validate hypotheses and assess trial feasibility.
  • Generate comparable real-world data cohorts for analysis.

We encourage you to leverage the latest NeuroBlu v3.2 to accelerate your research initiatives, from viewing market trends to replicating protocol designs using real-world data as external comparator arms. Generate insights faster with more patient data than ever before.

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