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NeuroBlu Analytics v4.1.0: Enhanced cohort refinement and analysis and improved search capabilities

June 26, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of NeuroBlu Analytics v4.1.0. This latest version introduces powerful new enhancements designed to empower researchers, data scientists, and healthcare professionals to explore and analyze the largest source of NLP-enriched real-world data for behavioral and mental health. With enhanced cohort analysis capabilities, streamlined data exploration tools, and improved search functionality, NeuroBlu Analytics v4.1.0 sets a new standard for deriving meaningful insights from real-world mental health data.

Deeper understanding of cohort characteristics

Users now have the ability to automatically generate comprehensive descriptive statistics reports for selected cohorts, including demographic information, clinical characteristics, healthcare resource utilization, and more. Reports can be customized by selecting specific variables and statistical measures of interest. This powerful new feature enables users to gain deeper insights into cohort demographics and clinical profiles, facilitating more informed decision-making in drug development and clinical trial design.

More precise cohort definitions

Cohort definitions can now be refined by leveraging visit type data as inclusion or exclusion criteria. Users can select specific visit types, such as inpatient, outpatient, or emergency department visits, to create highly targeted cohorts. This addition to Cohort Explorer enables deeper insights into patient journeys and treatment patterns based on healthcare encounter types.

Accelerated discovery of relevant information

The upgraded Universal Search feature delivers more accurate and relevant results across NeuroBlu Analytics. Users can quickly locate specific datasets, cohorts, projects, and documentation with ease. This improved search functionality accelerates the discovery of relevant information, enabling users to quickly access information they need to drive their studies forward.

Looking ahead

As we continue to innovate and expand the capabilities of NeuroBlu Analytics, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge tools and solutions that address the evolving needs of mental health leaders. Future releases will focus on the rollout of an SQL Editor, enhanced data density with outcome measures and reporting, and custom dashboard development. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to optimize NeuroBlu Analytics for robust evidence generation in mental health.

We encourage our user community to explore the powerful capabilities of NeuroBlu Analytics v4.1.0 and experience firsthand how these enhancements can elevate your mental health research. Your feedback and insights are invaluable in shaping the future development of our solutions.

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