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NeuroBlu Analytics v4.0.0: Transforming mental health research with data expansion, advanced NLP, and intuitive exploration

June 6, 2024

NeuroBlu Analytics v4.0.0 introduces transformative enhancements to NeuroBlu Data, including expanded coverage, granular drug exposure analysis, and improved data quality. Coupled with advanced NLP integration and intuitive exploration tools, NeuroBlu Analytics empowers life sciences leaders to generate powerful evidence and enable precision neuropsychiatry.

Unparalleled Data Depth and Breadth

NeuroBlu Analytics continues to offer access to an unrivaled mental and behavioral health dataset, now encompassing over 32 million unique patients and 1.6 billion visits. With updates from all existing data partners, researchers can explore the largest, most robust source of real-world data for behavioral health to uncover meaningful insights and support study objectives.

Granular Insights into Treatment Effectiveness

The introduction of the product_era table and improved data quality enable researchers to conduct granular analyses of treatment effectiveness. Researchers can now study both ingredient-level and product-specific effects on patient outcomes, uncovering nuanced treatment patterns and associations. This new table opens up possibilities such as identifying optimal treatment strategies, personalizing interventions, and informing evidence-based decision-making in mental health care.

Holistic Understanding of Mental Health Determinants

The integration of the care_site relationship table and advanced NLP capabilities allows researchers to investigate the complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors influencing mental health. The new care_site relationship table enables researchers to investigate how health system hierarchies and relationships influence patient care and outcomes. Researchers can also now incorporate a wide range of NLP-derived features, such as clinical criteria, medication information, and patient-reported outcomes, into their cohort definitions and analyses in Cohort Explorer. By exploring the impact of health system characteristics, patient-reported outcomes, and clinical narratives, researchers can develop a holistic understanding of mental health determinants and inform targeted interventions.

Intuitive Exploration with Universal Search

Navigate NeuroBlu Analytics with ease using the new Universal Search feature. Quickly find relevant information across NeuroBlu Analytics with our new search functionality, available on every page. Search across the data dictionary, user manuals, and FAQs to find the answers you need. This enhancement streamlines cohort creation, facilitate targeted analyses, and enable serendipitous discoveries across structured and unstructured data sources.

Looking Ahead

We will continue to prioritize innovation, predictive analytics, as well as customer feedback when updating and expanding upon NeuroBlu Analytics. Looking ahead, we will be focusing on introducing interactive visualizations and sharing capabilities to facilitate collaboration within and across teams. We will be also be incorporating predictive modeling for risk factors of potential crises, enabling personalized approaches through symptom mapping and NLP labels.

We invite our user community to explore the unparalleled capabilities of NeuroBlu Analytics v4.0.0, leveraging its rich real-world dataset, advanced analytical tools, and intuitive exploration features to drive innovation in mental health research. Your contributions and feedback are invaluable in shaping the future of the software and advancing our collective understanding of mental health conditions and their effective management.

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