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Introducing NeuralRiskModels package and other updates

November 1, 2021

We have added a new package and new functions to existing packages in both R and Python. With these new updates we bring you the ability to conduct research studies faster, build dynamic risk models and more...

NeuroBlu: Fast-track research studies with package updates

We have added new functions to the NeuroBlu package within Code Studio for both R and Python to accelerate your real world research studies. The new functions enable you to:

  • Generate table of descriptive statistics.
  • Get earliest available visit date for patients.
  • Get earliest date of diagnosis for a condition of interest.

BluSuite: Introducing NeuralRiskModels package and other updates

  • Build dynamic risk models using our NeuralRiskModels package - a framework for combining differential equations and neural networks. The differential equations enable modelling of risk over time while the neural networks enable capturing non-linear interactions between patient characteristics.
  • CompEffecBlu has a new name. It is now officially rebranded as CohortBalancer.

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