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Holmusk Presents on NeuroBlu Research Capabilities at European Congress of Psychiatry

June 4, 2022

Representatives from Holmusk recently attended the 30th European Congress of Psychiatry and presented an overview of NeuroBlu, Holmusk's data and analytics platform that generates new insights on a range of mental and behavioral disorders by analyzing real-world data derived from electronic health records (EHRs).

NeuroBlu is a trusted research environment (TRE) that is powered by an industry-leading mental and behavioral health database containing securely deidentified EHR data from nearly 1 million patients who have received care for mental and behavioral health conditions.

Although EHRs contain rich, clinically useful data, it has traditionally been difficult to use this data because of EHR complexity. Mental and behavioral health faces a specific challenge because much of the information contained in the EHR lies within unstructured free text that would once have to be manually reviewed and analyzed.

NeuroBlu solves for these problems, as all data added to the platform are transformed into a common data model that is easier to use for research. The platform is also supported by AI-enabled analytic tools, such as natural language processing models that are used to extract structured, clinically meaningful data such as Mental Status Examination (MSE) features.

Researchers, clinicians, life science companies, and more have found value in the NeuroBlu platform. The platform has been leveraged in a number of projects, including improving efficiency of clinical trial design, conducting large-scale epidemiological studies, and evaluating comparative effectiveness of pharmacological treatments in the real world.

“I am honored to share the capabilities of NeuroBlu to my colleagues in the psychiatric field and thank the European Psychiatric Association for this opportunity,” said Rashmi Patel, MD, PhD, who gave the oral presentation and serves as Holmusk’s Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs. “Real-world data hold the key to answering challenging questions about mental and behavioral health and NeuroBlu enables the analysis of these important data in a secure and accessible environment.”

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