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Video Series : Expanding the behavioral health evidence blueprint with NeuroDB 22R2 and CDM 2.0

August 11, 2022

Enhanced Common Data Model

Pushing the frontier in behavioral health, we continue our efforts to align the Common Data Model (CDM) in NeuroBlu with the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) standards provided by OHDSI. As our data partnerships continue to grow, we strive to close gaps and increase granularity of the data, providing means to access greater depths in encounter and prescription data.

The enhanced CDM accentuates NeuroBlu as the most robust behavioral health database of its kind, powering the creation of scientifically validated and clinically meaningful insights in behavioral health.

In this on-demand video, Holmusk product team-members highlight the enhanced CDM and the impact of this new data in analyzing behavioral health real-world evidence. We will cover:

  • New tables: visit_detail, drug_era, procedure_occurrence, provider, location
  • Enhancements to drug_exposure
  • How to pull provider specialty
  • Enhancements to get_visit function to pull procedure details or visit types

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