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Enhanced Cohort Builder for tailored analysis

August 1, 2022

1. Enhanced Cohort Builder with index date

  • Strengthen your analysis with the ability to create a cohort using index date, which can be defined as the date of the earliest drug treatment or the date of the first diagnosis. You can even refine the index date to meet your research requirements, by specifying the study period.
  • After setting the cohort index date, every inclusion and exclusion criteria applied will be relative to the cohort index date.
  • Easily set, edit or remove the definition of index date anytime as you build your cohort. Every inclusion and exclusion criteria applied will be automatically updated to take the cohort index date into consideration.

2. Enhanced Cohort Builder with refined inclusion/exclusion criteria on CGI-S measurements

  • Strengthen your research with more robust measurements, by building a cohort based on the average CGI-S score or the minimum number of CGI-S measurements at the index date.

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