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Closing 2023 with 30 million patients in NeuroBlu and the launch of new feature Treatment Journey

December 15, 2023

Today, we announce that NeuroBlu includes over 30 million patient lives - an achievement that signals the acceleration of real-world data to the forefront of evidence generation in behavioral health.

This quarter has been monumental for the growth of NeuroBlu and its potential to transform behavioral health through data-driven evidence. In November, we announced that NeuroBlu reached a pivotal milestone of 4 million patient lives, making it the largest structured real-world database purpose-built for mental and behavioral health. NeuroBlu has now reached over 30 million patient lives, signifying a new era in behavioral health analytics.

NeuroBlu v3.7 marks a pivotal advancement in our journey toward revolutionizing behavioral health data analysis. With the addition of a new data partner, the NeuroBlu Database encompasses over 26 million new patients, bringing the total to 30 million. This expansion not only enhances patient coverage across all 50 states in the US but also introduces over 1 billion mental and behavioral health visits into the NeuroBlu database.

Increased density: In 2023 alone, the visit count increased 7x from the first half of 2023

With the addition of 26 million new patients, this update also includes the enrichment of core CDM (Common Data Model) tables for understanding of prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment. These tables contain critical information about clinical events that occur longitudinally during valid observation periods for each patient and demographic information for each patient.

This release has resulted in extensive breadth, but we continue to focus on depth - increasing data density and optimizing the existing data in NeuroBlu through innovative methods. Earlier this year, we announced the launch of NeuroBlu NLP, our novel natural language processing approach to creating disease-specific models that identify and extract key information from unstructured clinical notes. In this release, we have expanded our major depressive disorders model to an additional data partner, resulting in 56,000 patients and over 5 million records in the 'observation' table. To learn more about our cutting-edge NLP methods, read the announcement about our recently published peer-reviewed publication.

Another hallmark of NeuroBlu is longitudinality - our database follows patients over time with over 20 years of data spanning inpatient and outpatient sites, including hospitals, emergency rooms, and community psychiatry clinics. We have launched a new feature, Treatment Journey, that captures a timeline view of a cohort's treatment journey using EHR data. Discover the power of Treatment Journey, a groundbreaking tool that maps patient progress over time, offering new perspectives in treatment efficacy. We will continue to enhance and build tools to analyze the patient journey at scale in behavioral health.

With the immense increase in patient data and the addition of new data elements, researchers can leverage NeuroBlu to conduct more comprehensive and diverse studies in behavioral health. Explore patient healthcare journeys, access NLP-enriched data to build larger patient cohorts, and tap into robust outcomes data to better inform real-world clinical studies. From 4 million to 30 million patients in just one release, NeuroBlu's journey reflects our commitment to transforming behavioral health research.

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