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Introducing BluSuite, Project Notes and other updates

March 31, 2021

We are constantly innovating and adding new features to NeuroBlu to enhance the user experience. Our latest set of features bring the power of high-performance computing and innovation to real-world statistical studies.


Our platform makes advanced analytics faster and easier than ever before - our new Advanced Analytics Libraries enable users to select pre-written code to easily set up and perform frequently used analyses, along with the latest innovation from the Holmusk Data Science team:

  1. SurvBlu: Rapid and robust survival analysis studies with multiprocessing, modern optimizers, and neural networks
  2. CohortBalancer: Balance patient characteristics and eliminate confounding in real world observational studies using various matching methods based on propensity score, Mahalanobis distance, exact matching, etc.

Data Visualization 2.0:

We’ve introduced enhanced dynamic interactivity to all of our visualizations, leading to a deeper understanding of the data and new insights at a more granular level.

Project Notes:

Seamlessly annotate, replicate, and compare results across your research studies with our integrated Project Notes feature, allowing users to write and store research notes

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