Product Focus

Explore patient cohorts in an easy-to-use interface, designed for fast and scalable queries.
Analyze data with an in-built R-library or write / migrate existing code on versioned datasets
Visualize results of queries and export for reports and publications.

Tap into rich outcomes data

Home to the largest longitudinal behavioral health Real-World Database, sourced from MindLinc EHR with 50+ million rows of data, 550K+ patients over 20+ years.

Enhanced with neuropsychiatry-specific NLP to transform clinician notes into 300+ validated labels

Disease breakdown
Data fields

Our dataset leverages Natural Language Processing models to derive custom-psychiatry specific structured labels from categorized clinician notes

Our Analytics Tools

Perform end-to-end Real-World studies

NeuroBlu™ allows you to screen real world patient cohorts to do unparalleled patient phenotyping to improve clinical and commercial success in a fast and robust manner.