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NeuroBlu v3.10: Faster, more refined analyses to accelerate behavioral health research

May 15, 2024

NeuroBlu v3.10 reflects our commitment to enhancing complexity while maintaining speed, efficiency, and ease of use. Additional filtering criteria in Cohort Explorer as well as new PHQ-9 resources enable more nuanced, refined analyses. Performance enhancements across NeuroBlu optimize the user experience, ensuring speed and adaptability given our significant increase in data volume.

Chart descriptions, new filters, and performance enhancements in Cohort Explorer

Cohort Explorer, our no-code feature to refine and visualize cohorts, has received significant performance updates, offering faster filtering capabilities and minimizing timeout errors. Chart descriptions for all visualizations are now available in Cohort Explorer to explain how the numbers in each chart are calculated and displayed. In addition, Treatment Journey can now be used to visualize treatment change patterns using clinical drugs instead of ingredient level data.

PHQ-9 Clarity

To address the complexities of PHQ-2/PHQ-9 data within NeuroBlu, new functions (get_phq2 and get_phq) and updated functions (getphq9) in Python and R are now available. These enhancements will enable users to more easily access and analyze PHQ data at the appropriate level of granularity. The NeuroBlu Data Dictionary has been also updated with clinical guidance on interpreting and utilizing PHQ data. This framework will help users identify and understand the nuances of how these assessments have been recorded across data partners.

Code Studio Updates

The Python version available in Code Studio has been updated to 3.10 to take advantage of the latest enhancements and library upgrades. New functions to work with clinical drugs and ANSA values have also been added to the NeuroBlu libraries.

Looking Ahead

In the last year, NeuroBlu has become the largest, NLP-enriched source of real-world data designed for mental and behavioral health. Looking ahead, we will continue to make NeuroBlu an intuitive and dynamic analytics environment, based on feedback from our partners and the evolving landscape of clinical research. Upcoming releases will feature enhanced search and navigation for understanding features and functions, as well as our data dictionary. NeuroBlu will include the ability to produce quick outputs to generate descriptive statistics for cohorts in Cohort Explorer. New NLP labels will also be added to Cohort Explorer as we develop new disorder-specific models and add NLP labels to our data.

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